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Litecoin IRA: Rollover, Transfer or New Account

Ultra-Secure Litecoin IRA
Fully Insured New Account or Rollover

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Litecoin IRA With Insured Cold Storage – Guaranteed Hackerproof

Finally you can add Litecoin in an IRA within an ultra-secure fully-insured vaulted wallet.

Designed from the ground up to be compliant with all proposed laws, our future-proof Litecoin IRA comes fully insured by Lloyds of London against data loss and hacking – and thanks to our proprietary crypto-vaulting process it’s 100% in line with all IRS regulations.

With the dangers of theft, loss and IRS clampdowns gone, our specialized Litecoin IRA allows you to concentrate on building wealth within your retirement account in a highly tax-efficient way.

Even a small holding can create massive account gains…

Some Litecoin IRA accounts saw gains of 10,000% in 2017

Our Free Guide to Litecoin IRAs is Essential Reading

Setting up a Litecoin IRA to be fully in line with IRS requirements requires specialist knowledge and is not something that can be done with just any old wallet.

The IRS is very particular with how IRA assets can be held, and much like so-called checkbook IRAs or home-storage IRAs almost nobody selling Litecoin IRAs is in compliance with these rules.

This means that one day very soon there will be a lot of IRA accounts being hit hard with fines and back-taxes – or even worse!

Your Litecoin IRA should be held by a custodian in an ultra-secure vaulted depositary in exactly the same way as gold and precious metals are held in an IRA.

Our Litecoin IRA guide tells you EXACTLY what to do to and how to do it for full IRS compliance.

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Why CryptoVaulting For your Litecoin IRA?

Our Litecoin IRA account is unlike any other secure wallet in the world:

  • Litecoin IRAs are insured at market value by Lloyds of London
  • Your Litecoin are stored in a proprietary physical device
  • This device is then stored in an ultra-secure vault
  • The vault is one of the top 5 most secure in the world
  • A bomb-proof vault, it’s buried deep underground
  • With 24-7 manned patrols and state of the art security systems
  • Access your IRA in a matter of hours not days
  • Transfer between cryptocurrencies – or precious metals
  • Convert profits to gold and silver with IRA tax efficiency
  • Turn digital assets to physical and back – with ease.
  • Can be stored offshore in a high privacy jurisdiction
  • Fully compliant with all upcoming cryptocurrency rules

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Why Should Litecoin Form Part of Your IRA Portfolio?

Litecoin is an experimental digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Litecoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network.

Litecoin Core is the name of open source software which enables the use of this currency.

For more information, see

Excerpt from Litecoin definitions on GitHub


How would a $1000 investment in Litecoin have helped your IRA over time?


Had you invested $1000 in Litecoin on December 19, 2013, you’d have bought 74.460 LTC and your Litecoin IRA would now* be worth $27,944.09
An early investment in Litecoin would have generated a 26x profit on your initial buy capital – at current* prices. Despite dropping substantially after launch and holding sub $10 prices for several years, early investors have enjoyed a healthy ROI over time.
Dec 19, 2013
1 LTC = $13.43
$1000: 74.460 LTC
Now: $27,944.09


Had you invested $1000 in Litecoin on December 19, 2014, you’d have been able to buy 355.872 LTC and your Litecoin IRA would now* be worth $133,555.20
2014’s LTC price was a massive drop on it’s 2013 launch value, allowing investors to buy a whopping 355.872 litecoin for every $1000 – almost 5 times more Litecoin than a year previously. When advisors suggest “buying the dip”, this is the reason.
Dec 19, 2014
1 LTC = $2.81
$1000: 355.872 LTC
Now: $133,555.20


Had you invested $1000 in Litecoin on December 19, 2015, you’d have bought 265.252 LTC and your Litecoin IRA would now* be worth $99,564.42
In 2015, Litecoin was a relatively flat investment – still trading significantly below it’s launch price and very much Bitcoin’s poor relative. Small gains did however mean an investment now would have netted over $30k less profit per $1000 than a year previously.
Dec 19, 2015
1 LTC = $3.77
$1000: 265.252 LTC
Now: $99,564.42


Had you invested $1000 in Litecoin on December 19, 2016, you’d have owned 271.739 LTC and your Litecoin IRA would now* be worth $101,980.92
2016 another fairly flat year for Litecoin, ending the period marginally down on 2015’s price – however a $1000 investment made on Dec 19 2016 would be worth almost $3000 more now than had the LTC been bought the year previously – where small gains and losses are amplified by factors of 100 thanks to late 2017’s exponential growth in price.
Dec 19, 2016
1 LTC = $3.68
$1000: 271.739 LTC
Now: $101,980.92

Thanks to late 2017’s massive growth volatility, Litecoin has seen 10,000% gains on it’s 2017 low.

Looking at potential profits like this, is there a better vehicle to hold Litecoin than an IRA?

After all an IRA set up correctly allows for any profits to be moved from Litecoin into gold, silver and other assets within the IRA over and over without capital gains tax on the transfer.

If you’re looking to profit from Litecoin, it makes sense to do so within a tax-efficient vehicle.

Our free guide shows you how – safely – quickly – and with a minimum of hassle.

free litecoin IRA guides in our kit

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*at December 19, 2017